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Information about our diversity and inclusion initiatives

Resource Guide for Faculty During COVID-19

A Comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide compiled by the COHS Equity Advisors addresses questions and issues such as:

  • What about my research lab?
  • What about my human research studies or clinical trials?
  • Is there support for postdoctoral fellows?
  • How to prevent Zoombombing
  • I’d like to study the virus or its impact
  • How does this affect my merit/promotion/tenure?


Immigrant Voices of America – Shirleen

Immigrant Voices of America is an eight-episode documentary-series sharing the immigrant experience in the United States of America. Each episode highlights a different immigrant group and the challenges they face with their immigration status. Each story showcases the hardships, triumphs, and aspirations of these brave men and women as they strive to achieve a better life in the US.

UC Irvine undergraduate student Shirleen shares her experiences as a black migrant studying to be a medical practitioner, but the fact that she is undocumented possesses a huge barrier advancing her career. She fights alongside her peers for more opportunities for immigrants like herself.


LBGT Health Narratives

Part of the project to develop the Schools of Medicine and Nursing’s LGBTQ+ Curriculum. Many thanks to the Office of Inclusive Excellence’s “Confronting Extremism” grant and the entire LGBTQ Curriculum Committee.